1. Can iFASTFixit technicians only repair cell phones?
At iFASTFixit we repair cell phones on a daily basis. In addition, we also do cellphone unlocking services which will bring your phone to work worldwide
We specialize in:

    iPad repair
    iPhone repair
    Samsung Unlocking Service
    Cellphone Unlocking Service
    iPhone repair
    Samsung repair

2. What does the repair estimate include?
The repair price estimate includes both replacement parts and labor.

3. What does the iFASTFixit's 90 days limited  warranty cover?
iFASTFixit's 90 days limited  warranty covers defects in the parts that we install as well as the labor associated with the repair . The warranty does not cover issues caused by physical or liquid damage.
4. My phone doesn't charge. How can I tell if it's the battery or charge port?
If your phone does not charge altogether, check to see if the port is loose or dirty. If it’s loose or dirty, you will most likely need a charging port replacement. If an aux cord can be firmly plugged in, you are most likely experiencing a battery issue.

5. If I currently have a warranty protection on my device, will any repairs you do make my warranty void?
When your item becomes damaged, your warranty protection becomes void.

6. Do you replace the glass on my device or the whole front screen?
When it comes to phone repair, especially for glass phones such as the iPhone, the extent of the damage is what determines what we replace. For example, if there are multiple cracks in the glass on your device, then it may require a full screen replacement. If just the glass front screen is cracked, that usually can be addressed on its own.

7. How do I repair an iPhone touch screen?
The realistic, short, and simple answer is this: you don’t! Do not try to repair an iPhone touch screen on your own. Leave that to the professionals, or you may end up causing further damage to the phone itself.