About Us

About Us

Who We Are

First and foremost, we are problem solvers. At iFASTFixit we have experience to repair cellphones, computer and laptop. Beyond smartphone's, laptop and computer hardware, we specialize in software repairs, including phone unlocking solution, computer's operating systems, laptops operating systems... We strive to create solutions where there weren’t any before and will become to lead the wireless repair industry as the experts in fast, efficient repairs. We are experts at what we do.

What We Do

Provide a great device repair service.

IFASTFixit fixes, unlocks and installs system on electronic devices. We'd like to think we do a lot more than just that, though. Our company's purpose is to make our customer happy. And, yes, we can fix your broken device. But our goal is to make the experience at iFASTFixit as easy and pleasant as possible.

Why We Do It

We care about people and their tech. That’s why iFASTFixit works; Our Customers mean everything to us and because of them we strive to continuously grow and improve our processes and techniques to better serve their needs. Of course we love fixing cracked iPhone screens and broken charge ports, but we get our satisfaction from helping out our customers.